MBHA and ZIUR test, one more season, their composite products for the Truck Sport Lutz Bernau team

The MBHA and ZIUR engineering departments together with the Truck Sport Lutz Bernau Racing Team have been working to design a series of composite elements for chassis and suspension, which allows the reduction of the vehicle’s final weight, therefore achieving a significant advantage in these kinds of races.

Moreover, MBHA group has the opportunity to take part, for a fourth consecutive time, with the German team and test their latest design and development progresses, of these types of products in composite, in the Truck European Championship of the FIA which is now taking place. One of the MAN trucks in the team, driven by Antonio Albacete, from Madrid, is the chosen vehicle to install the products which will withstand extreme weights during the races.

Antonio Albacete’s MAN is equipped with two leaf back hybrid springs, one made of composites and another made of steel, one leaf full composite front springs and a stabilizing full composite bar. This way, by combining its constitution with composite materials, mainly coming from glass fibre and carbon and other thermosetting polymers, it allows the reduction of the vehicle’s final weight, rising the vehicle’s performances at well as its security increases.

Also, another of the composite’s features is that they have a higher durability than steel, as it warns about its wear in advance, it offers the possibility that the spring never breaks suddenly, keeping its ergonomics until the truck goes to the garage.

MBHA and ZIUR are leaders in design and manufacture of these type of suspension items, so having the opportunity to test them in such high competition events, allows the company to improve and develop new products for the transport sector.

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