The presence of ZIUR Composites in JEC World 2019 was very positive

After the completion of JEC World 2019, ZIUR Composites had a very positive result in this event. Among the objectives established by the company for the event were to publish the brand, its products and services to the professionals of the sector as well as to establish contacts with related companies to carry out future collaborations or projects and these have been fulfilled.

ZIUR Composites returns from JEC World 2019 with closed businesses and new clients captured. And during the three days of the event, the representatives of the company have had nearly 65 meetings with companies from all over the world, from Russia to Brazil. In addition, in the next months they will reconnect with all companies that have been interested in ZIUR Composites products to evaluate the performance of common projects in the short or medium term.

It was the first time that ZIUR had a presence in JEC World. Its participants affirm that it has been a very positive experience, especially when attending as members of the Spain Pavilion by the hand of the Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC), and they do not rule out repeating the next event

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