ZIUR Composites, new premium sponsor for Hyperloop UPV

After supporting the previous prototype, ZIUR Composites steps forward in its compromise with innovation and becomes, this year, Premium sponsor of the Hyperloop team of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The cooperation in this project is based on the support given when designing and manufacturing the structural pieces of the new prototype, in addition to an economic contribution which positions the company as the new main team sponsor. ZIUR Composites will also be in charge of making the modern and spectacular fairing of Turian real, so far, the best prototype of Hyperloop UPV.

All of this will provide the company from Castellón with a privileged position in the new Hyperloop UPV prototype, which has already caused great expectation between the project’s followers.

The team, made up of 40 UPV students, has chosen the name Turian for its third prototype, referring to the river which crosses the city, as well as carrying on with their goal of claiming their Valencian origins.  Turian has been design with the purpose of wining the competition, promising for that, improvements in different aspects, such as power, weight and safety.

After wining prizes of Best Concept Design and Best Propulsion System and classifying as one of the ten best world teams in the last three years, the team will test Turian in the Hyperloop Pod Competition IV, competition sponsored by SpaceX in which several teams take part and where the technical viability of the Hyperloop concept is proved, which will take part next July in California, and where the team has high expectations.

This cooperation means for ZIUR Composites proof of the commitment of the company with innovation in mobility, actively taking part in the development of the already known as the fifth transport form, which will allow high speeds to be reached with renewable energies.

Thanks to ZIUR’s support, and more than 50 other companies which also support the project, Hyperloop UPV can carry on working in the development of functional prototypes of Hyperloop, reaching the future transport means.

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