After completing the launch phase of the project, adapting and equipping a set of facilities capable of providing all kinds of solutions, and shaping projects and strategic agreements of the highest level, ZIUR Composites recently proposed a strategic review of its positioning to build a brand message capable of conveying its positioning as an ideal partner for the manufacture of products and components based on composite materials and transmitting to the world an image of leadership, innovation and sustainability, betting on the construction of a hopeful future.

The work, ranging from the strategic approach, the construction of an identity capable of projecting an image of a company ready to provide solutions to the challenges of the present and the future, a web redesign and an update of its entire image including a corporate video that reflects the new positioning, culminates with the presentation to the world of ZIUR as a company that is positioning itself to be the leading company in the manufacture of products and components based on composite materials, revolutionizing numerous industries and providing its know-how to build a more sustainable world.

It is time for a new image that reflects our innovative character, our technological commitment, and our positioning.

In recent years, the team behind ZIUR has demonstrated how thanks to a firm commitment to technology, people, R&D, and the know-how shared with its parent company, innovative solutions can be created that bring real value to the market. Moreover, with the recent boom in climate change containment policies, electrification, the new space race, or the rise of electronics and new technologies, the research and development of new, more efficient, and disruptive solutions based on new processes and materials, such as the one carried out by ZIUR, has become a key asset. Hence, it is the ideal time to go out into the world with a differential positioning. To set the tone and style for a new era. To redefine and lead our sector through communication. To enter and conquer new markets.

It is time to become the benchmark for a new, more sustainable and efficient world as one of the companies with the greatest potential in the universe of composite materials as a reference and key agent in the construction of a lighter and more sustainable world.

A renewed, modernized, and well-positioned brand, ready to become a benchmark and provide solutions to the most complex challenges in the construction of a lighter and more sustainable future.

The new ZIUR is a modern, technological, and futuristic brand, evoking innovation, creativity, and speed as a representation of the pace at which the new materials and components industry is evolving, moving all sectors towards a lighter and more sustainable future.

A brand that, together with the new slogan «A lighter world for a brighter future» that conveys the positioning of a company focused on technology and the construction of a better future, helps to communicate a position of leadership, responsibility and innovation, as a company prepared to face the challenges of the future.

For ZIUR, a sustainable future will be the result of the use of advanced and innovative composite materials thanks to the union between technology and creativity. Therefore, it offers a perfect fusion of knowledge, expertise, and vision with the most advanced technological, productive, and manufacturing processes, offering an integral engineering solution.

For manufacturers that require advanced solutions in composite materials, with an interest in having top quality components from a close, flexible and creative team, ZIUR is the brand that allows them to have the best solution to their needs, providing them with a relationship based on collaboration, professionalism and adaptation to their requirements.

Unlike other brands, ZIUR focuses on quality, innovation, creativity and customization, as well as on the creation of processes adapted and tailored to the client’s needs, becoming a reference partner of leading companies in different.

A lighter world brings us closer to a brighter future.

We are committed to helping build a brighter and more hopeful future through the use of new, more sustainable solutions. And we do it from the experience and knowledge that comes from being part of the MBHA Group, a leading industrial group with more than 55 years of experience in the industry.

Our brand lever is given by our invitation to be optimistic about the future we can build, encouraging the industry and society in general to bet on more sustainable solutions that help us build a better tomorrow for everyone. We propose the emotional slogan «A lighter world for a brighter future» as a sign of our commitment to building a brighter future, thanks to the use of new, lighter and more sustainable solutions.

At ZIUR we design, build and market the most innovative solutions based on advanced materials, thanks to the use of the latest technology, the most avant-garde manufacturing processes and the creativity of an expert team passionate about the mission of building a lighter and more sustainable world.

Welcome to the new era of ZIUR.

Welcome to the MBHA Group‘s commitment to the future.

Ziur Composite Solutions

En Ziur Composites diseñamos, construimos y comercializamos las soluciones más innovadoras basadas en materiales compuestos.