slider-home-1 We are Innovators by nature Catalysts towards the use of more lightweight and sustainable materials. FUTURE slider-home-1 we make Lightweight solutions for the industry. Using automated processes, we design, develop, manufacture, and test new structural elements made of composite materials. LIGHTWEIGHT slider-home-1 SUSTAINABLE We are Building a sustainable future. Developing the breakthrough technology that pushes us closer to a brighter future. slider-home-1 background-color-black-v2
I n n o v a t i o n

Ziur Composites is a dynamic and innovative company that stands out for its engineering, automation, and the high quality of the composite materials products it manufactures for high-end clients. The company is backed by a significant industrial group with over 55 years of expertise.


Driven by the future, powered by our legacy.

Ziur Composites designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and validates the most innovative components and solutions based on advanced materials for our clients, utilizing cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and the creativity of an expert and passionate team dedicated to creating a lighter, more sustainable world.




Technology + Creativity

Our innovative spirit stems from our invitation to be optimistic about the future we can create alongside our customers, encouraging the entire industry and society to engage in more sustainable solutions that will help us all build a better tomorrow.


Composite Materials

+ Performance

Composites that can reduce the overall weight of a product by up to 80% due to advancements in materials and processes, resulting in cost savings and increased performance.


+ Flexible

Composite materials are excellent due to various their unique properties, which allow them to endure degrees of flexibility and pressure never seen before.


+ Light

Lighter than their counterparts in steel or other metals, composites components have a clear advantage when it comes to reducing the overall weight of the final product.


+ Sustainable

Thanks to advanced manufacturing processes, composite materials offer great advantages in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness.


+ Efficient

Less is more, especially when less does not imply a reduction in product capabilities or features, but rather an increase in performance.


+ Smart

Using resources in the best possible way, to achieve the greatest impact on the quality of the results and the least impact on the environment. That is the great benefit of composite materials.

I n d u s t r i a l


We are a leading provider of industrial engineering services and manufacturers of products based on composite materials for leading companies in different industries.

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    Ziur Composite Solutions

    At Ziur Composites we design, build and market the most innovative solutions based on composite materials.


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