Composite materials, or composites, are revolutionizing all sectors of industry and the innovation, creation and evolution of new materials of this type has meant that their presence has increased exponentially in recent decades.

Materials research and industry has undergone a dizzying evolution in recent decades.

Wood was followed by resins, then plastics and synthetic resins, in the middle of the 20th century by fiberglass, and today composite materials are present in all areas of our lives. Today we use any known material and technology and apply it to the development and manufacture of composite materials used in the automotive, aerospace and construction sectors.

It is in 1987 that the use of composites in the aforementioned fields of industry has doubled every five years, in some cases even tripling its implementation as in the aerospace sector, where new composite materials appear frequently due to their innovative properties.

Characteristics of composite materials.

  • Weight reduction.
  • Implementation of monocoque structures.
  • A wide range of mechanical properties.
  • Thermal stability.
  • High resistance to impact, deformation and corrosion.

This is why we can find composite in the floors of swimming pools, in military vehicles, in our homes, where all the water, electricity and gas pipes and ducts are made of or covered with composite, in medical prostheses, or in our pockets, as cell phones are one of the elements where composite is most commonly used, for example in their frames or screens.

Their versatility, properties, and characteristics make them cutting-edge materials that are transforming our world, replacing materials that changed industry last century with new ones that are accelerating the innovation process and shaping the future.

At Ziur Composite Solutions we have extensive experience in the development of industrial projects based on composite materials and we are pioneers in the use of different materials and processes that guarantee maximum use of the advantages of this type of materials.

Ziur Composite Solutions

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